Telephone and Online
Marriage Counseling

“Distance counseling” is the umbrella term used for getting counseling by telephone or over the internet, including online marriage counseling. Unfortunately, for both phone counseling and counseling via internet there is little research regarding marriage counseling specifically.

However, there has been a lot of research on distance treatments for depression, and it’s encouraging. In 2005 a study found 64% of depressed patients who had not responded to drug therapy were "very satisfied" with telephone therapy after 1 year compared with 48% of those in face-to-face therapy.

The telephone has been used for counseling in a variety of other areas, too - group support for cancer patients, support for caregivers of stroke survivors, bulimia, and crisis hotline services, for instance.

A survey of psychologists in 2001 discovered that slightly more than half “had used the telephone as a primary method to conduct psychotherapy sessions.”  Older and more experienced therapists used the phone more often and rated it “more highly as a way to meet patients’ needs.” [1]

As far back as 1986, research showed that clients using videoconferencing were as satisfied as if they were in face-to-face sessions. And a study in 1999 showed no significant difference in therapeutic alliance, the main ingredient in successful counseling. Studies of text-based online counseling (chat, email) have shown more mixed results.[2]

Still, it is likely that distance counseling, whether by phone or over the internet, can help with marital problems.

The professional counselors listed below are available right now for phone and online marriage counseling. You can learn more about them by clicking on their names to read their resumes. You can also click on ‘reviews’ to see ratings and read comments from their clients.

Whether you want extensive help or you just want to get a question answered, these folks are here for you.

Professional Marriage Counselors
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A Word About Cost

You may think this form of marriage counseling is expensive, especially when you see rates like $1.99/min. But compare that to face-to-face sessions in a counselor’s office. If a one-hour session costs only $90, how much are you paying per minute? $90/60 minutes is $1.50 per minute. However, those one-hour sessions only last 50 minutes, maybe 45. So $90/50 is $1.80, and $90/45 is $2.00. Throw in gas money for driving to and from the counselor, perhaps lost wages for the time off to see the counselor or paying for a babysitter, and that $1.99 rate starts looking pretty competitive.

And the best part is that you can pay by the minute!

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[1] ^ Erika Mozer, et al., “Psychotherapeutic Intervention by Telephone,” Clinical Interventions in Aging. June, 2008.
[2] ^ Michael Mallen, et al., “Online Counseling: Reviewing the Literature From a Counseling Psychology Framework”, The Counseling Psychologist, Vol. 33 No. 6, November, 2005.
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